Elaine Mary Collins

International Tarot Expert, Intuitive Counsellor,

Teacher and Spiritual Mentor.

I have intuitively interpreted the Book of Wisdom, commonly known as the TAROT for more than 45 years and began working with this oracle method at fifteen when I was first taught by my mother, also an intuitive counsellor and healer. At the same time I began to sit in ‘circle’ in order to develop my psychic gifts which in turn led me to cultivate my interest in various esoteric and spiritual teachings. Over the years my studies, travels and meetings with remarkable people have enabled me to develop a strong core of spiritual knowledge and understanding.

My Work With You

Working with various Oracle methods and the TAROT helps me guide you to recognise your immediate potential on many levels.  When we work together, my intuitive guidance will help you to unlock your own innate wisdom.  It’s a journey to help you discover your life purpose and soul path at certain points in time; and for you to work positively and confidently with challenging situations as, or if,  they arise.

The work I am blessed to do enables me to be of service to you and it is my aim to offer intuitive, inspirational guidance and heart-centred healing for all your life situations. For more than thirty years I have also studied and used other forms of energy work; including Reiki, Astrology, Trans-personal Psychology, Crystal and Spiritual Healing, Rune Craft and Numerology.  I also write for various publications and am a speaker for related spiritual and holistic retreats and events.

I am a member of The Order Bards, Ovates and Druids and B.O.T.A. and look forward to working with YOU

Elaine x

‘Still the chatter of your mind and let the truth of who you are shine through from a place of non-judgement. Remember that you come from pure creation and love and when you open your heart centre you will find….EVERYTHING’.

Designed by Samahra Ibiza - Credits: The Druid Craft Tarot deck, reproduced with the kind permission of Philip Carr-Gomm. Daughter of Gaia, reproduced with the kind permission of Kerry Darlington. PRIVACY POLICY