I don’t know about you, but these days for me time appears to be moving at break neck speed.  Here we are, already on the cusp of March, how did these last two months flash by?  Sometimes I feel like I’m slipping out of time, in that I’m not in it at all.  I’ve driven distances that when I’ve got to my destination, I can’t remember anything about the journey and I’ve wondered, where the hell did I go?   It is deeper than being on mere autopilot.  I know that when I meditate, I feel like I’m taken out of my existence and go to where some call the great void or the great womb, a place of infinite creativity and infinite possibilities. However, I’m preparing for that as I sit comfortably and ‘tune in’.  I realise that I’m not alone in this as a straw poll amongst friends or contemporaries show that it has been quite a common occurrence with them recently.

I remember two years ago watching the movie, Interstellar, literally sitting on the edge of my sofa until the end.  The plot was based on the ideas of a theoretical physicist called Kip Thorne and his theory that although we observe the universe in three dimensions, there could be at least five dimensions. I found it exciting that this movie was bringing a mainstream awareness to the reality of how time could be bent, distorted or manipulated. The implications of this are huge and of course opens up the possibility of time travel in the future, (or past, or in parallel).

Michio Kaku in his book Hyperspace, wrote about parallel universes and is  time travel possible? About current theories of up to 10 dimensions or more and of Holographic universes (read Michael Talbot).  At times I feel I am already in one!  New theories are continuously challenging earlier assumptions of time and space and we live in exciting times.

We are on the physical plane of existence; therefore, we are governed by the laws of time and space.  However, I firmly believe that as we move further into the visionary Age of Aquarius that we will further expand our consciousness and that humanity will make even more thrilling scientific discoveries that will validate much of the esoteric and metaphysical thinking that’s been around for centuries and from a forgotten past.  That Science and Spirituality will no longer be thought of as strange bedfellows.

Featured Art: An Allegory on the Illusion of Time by Paul Bond