I always wanted to have a reading but was nervous for some reason. Elaine made me feel at ease immediately with her calm approach, warm smile & funny sense of humour. Once she got started it got exciting and by the end I was feeling inspired. I’m so happy with my audio recording that I often listen to I’m actually quite amazed at what has manifested from my reading. Spot On.

Maria, UK

 I don’t know where to start as meeting you just over a year ago has been completely life changing…I was in a dark and broken place and you offered me a helping hand into the light.

Lauren, NY 

A huge amount of laughter is always included which makes the whole experience something to look forward to and cherish. A reading with you is like a giant hug from the Universe!

Kate, UK

When we first spoke, I felt deeply sad, confused and anxious about the future. I didn’t even feel that I knew who I was any more, or who I wanted to be. When I listen back to my first reading now, I not only realise how much I have learnt about myself since then, but am staggered by the insights you imparted to me. I played a section of it to my mum and she told me that she found it so accurate that it gave her shivers up the back of her neck!

Beth, Sweden

You have reassured me, encouraged me, helped my perspective and been incredibly insightful about people and situations with which I have needed unbiased guidance. You have really made me realise that I should listen to my intuition but also to bring my focus back to myself and what is important, without petty distractions from others. You have given me confidence without arrogance and encouragement without recklessness.

Graham, LA

Overall, thank you for centring me and allowing me the benefit of your wisdom, life experience and insight as well as calming me with your warm and personable presence. You always remind me not to get bogged down in the moment and to try to see that there is a bigger picture to be taken into account whilst maintaining a sense of humour and spiritual accessibility.

Mark, Germany

Having worked with Elaine numerous times, the clearest message that her work gives me is that it is delivered impeccably, with complete consideration of my personal situation and also what may currently be happening in my life at that particular time. Her compassionate tone and loving, intelligent nature make me wish that my session wouldn’t end but also makes me look forward greatly to working with her again in the future. Elaine’s guidance is invaluable to me.

Ann, Denmark

I am so so lucky to have discovered you and your unique and rare talents and have happily recommended you to my friends and colleagues.

Denise, Paris

I have had two readings with Elaine, one in Ibiza and one on Skype, and have found them to be accurate, insightful and powerful. Elaine is a wonderful channel to facilitate the universe letting you know what you need to know at this point. I highly recommend a reading and the great thing is you get to listen back again and again to the recording.

Jarlath, Eire

I had to travel all the way from South Africa to have one of the best readings and advice sessions ever!  Thank you.

Marion, Cape Town

I had a reading with Elaine just over 2 years ago; it was such a wonderful experience. I was amazed by the things she told me about the past as well as the future.  Life just now is unfolding in the way she predicted. A truly heart-warming experience given by a wise soul. Thank you Elaine for reminding me I do deserve the best life has to offer.

Joleen Eide-Johansson, Author and Artist

Elaine gave myself and several friends readings.   All of us have had readings before with various Psychics and Mediums before but we were all blown away with the accuracy of Elaine’s.   Elaine is warm and genuine.  Highly recommended!

Natalie Gilot, Love Pilates Ibiza

Thank you Elaine, for your divine guidance and clarity. You are spot on!! And you made me understand the journey I am on and made it possible for me to enjoy it rather than being confused.

Ann Randrup, Founder, mybesttreat.com

Elaine is quite simply a wonderful and wise person, you feel ‘held’ and supported in her company. She has a voice that is lovely to listen to; Elaine cuts through any anxiety and gives a clear and warm reading. I highly recommend Elaine, a friend for life!!

Faye, Ibiza

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