March 21 – April 19

The Fool

Freedom and trust will be big issues this week. You value your personal freedom so think long and hard about aligning yourself to anything or anyone that might cramp your style. Trust that you’ll make the right decision based on the facts you have; maybe there’s no right or wrong here, so just feel the fear and do it anyway!


April 20 – May 20


This is a power card and matches up with the fact the Sun is in Leo as a Lion is often depicted on this card. There’ll be no stopping you, as you’re on track to complete an important business deal to obtain what you desire. Health wise, a niggling worry no longer gives you cause for concern; you receive reassuring news.


May 21 – June 20

The Moon

Last week you were looking forward to what the future holds; now however, you’re quieter and more reflective. Don’t doubt recent decisions or fear the worst; let your intuition guide you. Take off any rose-tinted glasses and see situations as they really are and not how you’d like them to be. Set aside fears regarding your ambitions and banish self-doubt.


June 21 – July 22

The Hanged Man

Be patient as everything comes to those who wait. You cannot force events to happen so take it easy this week. This is the best time to study or do research for an important project; you can make headway by being diligent. You must also put yourself first this week, so don’t make any unnecessary sacrifices for others.


July 23 – Aug. 22

Two of Cups (reversed)

Relationships are not easy this week; including friendships as well as those with your nearest and dearest or colleagues. There’s a parting of the ways for some of you. Maybe the situation has run its course and it’s time for you to accept it and move on. Yes, you will be sad for a while but this too shall pass.


Aug. 23 – Sep. 22 

Five of Cups

Emotions are close to the surface this week, making it harder to cope with situations you thought were manageable. You’re at an emotional crossroads, there’s no going back; it’s time to look forward and believe that better times are ahead. The past cannot be changed so there’s no point lamenting over what might have been or trying to change others.


Sep. 23 – Oct. 22

Three of Wands

Set your sights on furthering ambitions this week Libra; especially if you are dealing with people or projects that are overseas. The fiery energy of the three brings you extra dynamism and the will to push through plans that bring you acclaim or a wider audience. You also get a breakthrough regarding a property matter. Investments made now bring dividends.


Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

Eight of Wands

A great week to forge new alliances, especially as they will help you career wise in the long term. It’s time to set your sights higher when it comes to fulfilling ambitions. New opportunities are on the horizon so it will pay you to go out and socialise with those who find you good company and want you on board.


Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Two of Pentacles

Yes, the festive season’s nearly here, but that’s no excuse to go out spending money you don’t really have! This card advices prudence in your financial affairs; it would be unwise to borrow or lend money this week, as it will leave you short. Also, an unexpected expense could blow your funds, which is why it’s wise to be careful!


Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

Eight of Swords (reversed)

If you’ve received news recently that really shook you up, then be assured that this week you hear about something that gladdens your heart. It may not solve all your problems immediately, but at least you know that the worst is over. We all go through tough times; but you’ll have learnt about your strengths and overcome your fears.


Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

Knight of Swords

If you must confront others regarding their actions then make sure you know all the facts before wading in. Loved ones or associates are easily provoked, which could lead to arguments. You’re in no mood to slack off so expect to get a lot done this week however, avoid being bossy. Best to work by yourself as much as possible!


Feb. 19 – Mar. 20

Three of Swords

Not the easiest week; you’ll either be caught in the middle of stressful situation or will find yourself having to do battle with someone who’s pushing your buttons. Because you’re under pressure, be careful not to have a scattergun approach to airing your grievances. Others will not take so kindly being compared to the real culprits of your displeasure.