We live in a world that places great emphasis on the way we look by creating unrealistic expectations; especially amongst women, young girls.  Even men are getting stressed out about having the perfect six pack and abs! Our external reality is tipping over into extremes and we have lost the link to our true selves as earth connected humans.

We punish our bodies in so many ways through lack of self-worth or peer pressure and we give so little time to our internal Temple Within.  Many become anxious, fearful and more stressed out by the pace of modern life and by the technical bombardment we experience daily; from our cell phones, laptops, TV’s and from the satellites orbiting our planet, emitting wi-fi and microwaves that effect our Human Resonance Field*.  I hear from so many that are finding life hard to cope with and are suffering from depression and lack of direction, feeling sad and either finding it easier to disconnect from their feelings or being overwhelmed by them. It is therefore unfortunate that we sometimes have to reach rock bottom before we seek a way up.

So, how can we access our Inner Temple to lead a happier in life?

I consider Spiritual Health through, prayer, reflection, meditation and nature an essential component for a balanced and healthy life. If I take my own example for instance.  When I wake up I start my day with THANK YOU. (A practice that Oprah Winfrey does, and Wayne Dyer believed in amongst others).  It doesn’t matter what you are thanking life for, it just matters that you’re acknowledging that you’re alive.  I also like to meditate in diverse ways, as I like variety!  Quiet time is essential for me in the morning as I address the Sun, the Four directions, Father Sky and Mother Earth and sit on my terrace here in Ibiza, close my eyes and let my thoughts settle.  Often, I am given wonderful insights during this still time, which I will be sharing here on future blogs.  I also love nature and follow the Druid Path**, therefore communing with Trees, an ancient pile of stones, bugs, butterflies and birds is something I like to do as much as work allows.  Open eyed meditations with Trees are wonderful as you can lose yourself and feel like you, (The I) is dissolving and you become one. (Did you know by the way, that Trees have 50% the same DNA as us? It just goes to show how we are indeed connected to all life).

Other methods of meditation suit different people.  Some like the silence, some like to chant or to drum and sing.  All of these methods are a chance to commune with our highest essence and none are better than any other.  It’s a personal choice, so do research the method that works for you.

The Book of Wisdom

One of the many reasons why I love the TAROT so, is that by drawing a daily card from my deck I know that I’m getting guidance from what I call The Book of Wisdom; the meaning and symbology of which, in past ages, had been shrouded in mystery.  I love nothing more than to educate people about the misconception and superstition that is commonly attached to the TAROT and to bring the light of the Book of Wisdom forth so that it is accessible for all.

May light surround you and may your path be blessed.

Elaine  x

*If you’d like to know more about Human Resonance and the Schumann Field check out this LINK